About ATIF

Group Introduction
ATIF Holdings Limited (abbreviation: ATIF; Nasdaq stock code: ATIF), is a comprehensive international service group integrating business, media, finance and other services. Qianhai Asia Era (Shenzhen) International Financial Services Co., Ltd. is a commercial compliance company that provides professional and compliance services for companies listed overseas. Its business includes international listing compliance services, international financial consulting services, and asset mergers and acquisitions. And restructuring services, investment and financing services and public investment relations services. He has served dozens of Chinese companies listed on overseas capital markets and has a good reputation and brand image in the industry. Its subsidiary Yuezhong Group Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive group company dedicated to the whole film industry chain platform. Its industries include: Yuezhong Media Film, Yuezhong International Cinema, Yuezhong International Film, and Yuezhong PR planning, etc. The leading brand in the film and television culture industry in the region and the largest cinema advertising operator in the Northeast region.
Our Business
  • Listing Consulting
  • Financial Consulting
  • Television Media Business

Asia Era International Financial Consulting Center, operated by Qianhai Asia Era (Shenzhen) International Financial Services Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Asia Era), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Group, has established its own consulting centers in Shenzhen, providing various financial compliance services to private enterprises, individuals and families,Arrangement of training courses in teaching institutes; Arranging and conducting educational congresses; Information on education; Organization of exhibitions for cultural or educational purposes; Organization of shows for cultural purposes; Providing educational demonstrations; Providing science educational mentoring services and programs;.

The group’s subsidiary in Chinese Mainland - Qianhai Asia Era (Shenzhen) International Financial Services Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as AISA TIMES), founded in November 2015, is a well-known and influential organization about listing consulting in China. It relies on professional team, rich experience and international cooperation resources to provide comprehensive international financial services for Chinese enterprises through systematic and integrated services, mainly in helping clients go to public in international capital markets in several ways, including: IPO、RTO and SPAC.

Connect with professional IR companies to help clients carry out media publicity, maximize the value of clients 'corporate benefits and get investors' approval as scheduled

Our Business

Listed Financial Services

  • International listing compliance service

    Provide professional and compliance services for overseas listing of enterprises, help enterprises to establish operation thinking of listed companies, and tailor personalized listing service solutions for enterprises according to their actual situation.

  • International Financial Advisory Services

    Design comprehensive solutions for customers, truly solve problems for customers, improve enterprise market competitiveness, and help enterprises develop better.

  • Investment and financing services

    Assist enterprises to conduct investment and financing analysis, and do a good job in pre-adjustment, find more financing highlights for customers, and help enterprises establish the correct brand value system.

  • Asset M & A Service

    We look for high-quality M & A projects and pre-project inspections for clients, assist clients in providing due diligence, agreement negotiation, and agreement drafting services, and assist clients in completing M & A target asset assessment reports.

  • Public Investment Relations Service

    Help clients to carry out media publicity, improve the communication efficiency between client companies and investors, maximize the value of client's corporate interests and get investors' approval as scheduled.

Television Media Business

  • Television Media Business

    Yuezhong Film Media

    Yuezhong International Cinema

    Yuezhong International Pictures

    Yuezhong public relations planning

  • CNNM

    Comprehensive financial information platform

    Serve the entire Asia-Pacific region

    Multi-party quality cooperation resources

    Wide network coverage