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Financial compliance services

Financial compliance services
Asia Era International Financial Consulting Center, operated by Qianhai Asia Era (Shenzhen) International Financial Services Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Asia Era), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Group, has established its own consulting centers in Shenzhen, providing various financial compliance services to private enterprises, individuals and families,Arrangement of training courses in teaching institutes; Arranging and conducting educational congresses; Information on education; Organization of exhibitions for cultural or educational purposes; Organization of shows for cultural purposes; Providing educational demonstrations; Providing science educational mentoring services and programs;.
  • Enterprise Customer

    adopting the curriculum model of training, solution design and execution, providing entrepreneurs with more international capital expertise and training entrepreneurs' commercial roadshow level to enhance the financing capacity, so that enterprises can embark on the road of international listing

  • Individual Customer

    through the personal vocational explanation provided by the center, more people can understand finance. In addition, a large number of individual customers will become talents with qualifications of listed companies (such as board secretaries, CFOs, fund managers, etc.) for international listed companies

  • Family Customer

    through compliance services on international financial knowledge and introduction of various financial products, we have formed a diversified structure of family financial management and asset allocation

Core Values
  • Assisting families to be happy and rich

    Family Customer

    Helping customers construct correct concept of managing money matters

  • Establishing a platform for incubating enterprises listing-to-be

    Enterprise Customer

    Helping enterprises get public in international capital markets

  • Becoming a school to train more financial professionals

    Individual Customer

    Training for professional skills