SERVICES M&A and Restructuring Consulting Services
As Nasdaq revises the listing rules, there will be quite a lot of domestic companies that have been sorted and adjusted to meet the Nasdaq listing requirements, and most of them will be blocked outside the IPO listing.
A certain amount of quality companies (companies with a market value of more than 500 million U.S. dollars, sufficient cash flow, and plans to invite the four major audit firms and well-known brokers to sponsor) can continue to consider the NASDAQ or NYSE IPO;However, because most SMEs want to go public in the United States more difficult, it is wise to go public through Mergers and Acquisitions(M&A). M&A has the advantages of short time, low cost, and high success rate, most importantly, there is no requirement for fundraising.
In the context of economic globalization, the economic situation and capital markets of various countries are changing day by day. The harsh listing conditions and two or three years' queuing of China Mainland and Hong Kong capital markets makes Chinese companies realize that they should appoint a professional consultancy at their earlist time. Consultancy would provide most suitable capital market and listing method according to the actual situation in order to reasonably amplifies the enterprise value. Chinese companies should not wait until the global environment is further tightened and finally lose their opportunity.
Basic requirements of the project
  • Business services, Biomedicine, Artificial Intelligence Technology, Education and Training, Health Care, Network Information and other industries;

  • Established and operated in compliance for more than two years, with good development expectations;

  • The sales the previous year exceeded RMB 100 million or the net profit exceeded RMB 10 million;

  • Standard financial management and stable core management team.

Basic Materials
  • Companies may submit the following basic materials:

  • Complete business plan;

  • Financial statements of previous two years.

M&A Listing Process
Project Screening
  • 基础资料
    Business Plan

    Financial statements of previous two years
  • Basic Review
    Basic Due Diligence Form

    Five Years' Financial Forecast
  • Basic Meeting Evaluation
    Expert Group Meeting Evaluation

    Market Value Discussion

    Benchmark Public Company
  • Basic Due Diligence
    Formal Due Diligence

    Due Diligence Report

    Optimized solutions
Overview of M&A Process
  • Preparation(4 weeks)
  • M&A Entity Confirmation(4 weeks)
  • Startup(4 weeks)
  • Complete(4-8 weeks)
  • Optimization
    Asset Restructuring

    Business model

    Financial Compliance

    Equity Optimization

    Internal Control Management
  • M&A Negotiations
    Identify Suitable M&A Parties

    Negotiate M&A Consideration

    M&A Method

    Finalize M&A Time

    Sign A Letter of Intent
  • Sign M&A Agreement
    Business Assessment Report

    Sign M&A Agreement

    Issue Announcement
  • Audit Announcement
    PCAOB Audit

    Official Announcement

    Issue Consideration Shares

    Equity Connection Complete