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In Assistance With ATIF, Wei Lian Jin Meng Officially Launched The Listing Path To The US


On July 8, 2019, Shenzhen Wei Lian Jin Meng E-Commerce Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Wei Lian Jin Meng” or the Company”) and ATIF Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as “ATIF”) signed the Consulting Agreement, that officially launched the move to the international capital market for Wei Lian Jin Meng. The Company takes the opportunity to go public in the US and makes full use of the power of the capital market to achieve comprehensive and rapid development in terms of technological innovation and market development. In the future, Wei Lian Jin Meng will operate with stricter standards, establish a more scientific and rational governance structure, and effectively improve the operational management.


On July 8th, Ms. Zhu Hong, the head of Wei Lian Jin Meng and Mr. Chen Qiang, the Business President of ATIF signed the Consulting Agreement

Through the in-depth conversation between the two sides on July 1st, ATIF has understood the company's current situation and opportunities, followed by a week of diligence on their business model and market size of Wei Lian Jin Meng. On July 8th, Mr. Chen Qiang, the Business President of ATIF, gave a professional explanation on the path of the Company's overseas listing to Ms. Zhu Hong, the head of Wei Lian Jin Meng, who as well as the management team showed their recognition. The two sides reached a consensus on the high-quality development of Wei Lian Jin Meng through international capital, and signed the Consulting Agreement on the same day.



Headquartered in Shenzhen, Shenzhen Wei Lian Jin Meng E-Commerce Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2017 with a registered capital of 100 million yuan. The Company has a considerable assets and elite leaders, standing at the forefront of the world's top capital markets and financial innovation, relying on the community-based e-commerce retail model, to create the first global brand of coffee, tea & health preservation culture.


The Company operates a comprehensive e-commerce industrial chain platform of community-based e-commerce retail + sharing economy + entity. Focusing on the industries of big health, culture, e-commerce and art, the platform comprehensively upgrades the circulation of goods, breaks through the traditional circulation barriers, finally achieves mutual benefit.


The Company owns a whole industrial chain of big health with self-owned scientific laboratory, packaging company, processing factory and sales company, making it a powerful force with investment potential in 2019. Moreover, it is favored by entrepreneurs with potential projects and rich benefits.

Wei Lian Jin Meng's choice to go public in the US is an important symbol of the Company to achieve a staged victory, indicating that the Company will usher in a larger development prospect and a continuous source of growth. Through the legally compliant asset securitization and internationalization, the Company's brand awareness and product credibility in the industry are strongly enhanced,  thereby accumulating the trust of customers and investors, and laying a solid foundation for further international development. ATIF is a comprehensive international financial services group that provides multi-faceted international listing advisory services, rationalized and compliant listing solutions, and systematic and normative consultancy services in the listing process for enterprises. In this cooperation, ATIF will provide comprehensive guidance and escort for Wei Lian Jin Meng in the capital path according to the needs of the development, and assist the Company to land in the international capital market as soon as possible!