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ATIF expands the Investment and Financing Analysis Report Service to create a healthy and orderly investment and financing market




After 40 years of reform and opening up, the market scale of China has continued to grow, and the national economy has rapidly developed. According to relevant data, it shows: In China, there are around 70 million Small and Medium-sized Enterprises(SMEs) and more than 40 million registered enterprises. With the establishment of Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the Chinese people have also begun to reach out to capital, and the capital market has gradually flourished.

After 2000, Chinese companies began to go public overseas which set off a climax of listing in the United States. Data shows that a total of 48 companies were successfully listed in the United States in 2018, and the number reached 16 so far since 2019. Since then, the Chinese people have entered the era of equity, and equity investment has become an indispensable hot topic in the development of enterprises. A mass of domestic and foreign professional organizations have also participated in the wave of equity investment before listing.

However, the non-standardization and uncertainty of the equity investment market, the uneven quality of the projects, and the difficulty in implementing the financing schemes have made the enterprises in need of financing fall into the situation of financing difficulty.

In addition, information asymmetry has also led most SMEs that need financing to have fewer opportunities to reach out to good investors and lack a professional financial services.

A comprehensive Investment and Financing Analysis Report is one of the important tasks for the sustainable development of enterprises.

ATIF has a professional investment and financing team to visually analyze corporate value and make judgement on investment and financing decisions.

Relies on a professional investment team and a keen sense of the industry and a forward-looking vision, ATIF took the opportunity and launched the Investment and Financing Analysis Report Service for investment and financing parties in response to current chaotic investment and financing market in China. The team shall make a comprehensive understanding and in-depth investigation of enterprises, and form an objective and fair due diligence reports, allowing investors to more accurately understand the market positioning of the invested companies, and have more control over the advantages and risks of investment.

At the same time, the launch of Investment and Financing Analysis Report Service shall reduce risks for investors, increase the success rate of financing, and gradually establish an orderly, healthy, standardized, reasonable and fair environment for investment and financing while the illegal financing activities shall be eliminated. In the end, the all-round development of the investment and financing market it effectively promoted.

ATIF Investment and Financing Analysis Report Service- Product Module


1. Why do a project financier need the Project Analysis and Valuation Report?

As a project financier, who is lack of financing experience and is unable to provide specific and professional project introductions and professional data to investors, can not fully reflect the value of the project in the business plan, is more likely to lose the attractiveness to investors.

In the future of business investment, if you want to attract the attention of institutional investors, a professional Project Analysis and Valuation Report is crucial for decisions of investors and is attractive for institutional or individual investors.

As for investors, one could analyze and explore the investment value of venture companies in a comprehensive and multi-perspective manner, and minimize investment risks through Project Analysis and Valuation Report.

As for enterprises or project legal persons, Project Analysis and Valuation Report can be used to self-diagnose and predict the financing plan and future income, so as to adapt to the investment requirements of the capital market, thereby increase the possibility and reach the goal of equity financing.

A comprehensive Project Analysis and Valuation Report shall enable investors to understand investment projects faster and better. A report issued by third-party authorities are more authoritative and objective, which makes investors more convinced of trust.

2.  Why do an investor, need the Project Investment Analysis and Due Diligence Report

In the field of international investment, in order to reduce investors' investment mistakes and risks, each investment must establish a set of scientific and complete theories and methods that adapt to the characteristics of investors' own investment field.

Through rigorous logic analysis, rich data and investment experience, based on the current macroeconomic perspective, focusing on the future economic development pace, The Project Investment Analysis and Due Diligence Report provide a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of investment projects and operations teams.

Project Investment Analysis and Due Diligence Report s a very important step in the early stage of investment. Major issues such as project size, operation and management, market analysis and research, economic analysis, profit forecasting, financial evaluation, etc., must be scientifically and reasonably analyzed and form the professional investment analysis report for investors before the investment activities.

Project Investment Analysis and Due Diligence Report adopts researches conducted by professional institutions thus provides the risk factors of investment and comprehensive understandings of the investment projects, which is the most basic guarantee for successful investment.

ATIF is the industry-leading financial institution to provide Investment and Financing Analysis Report. With its authority and brand influence as a Nasdaq company, and its team of experienced lawyers, Certified Public Accountants and economists familiar with the investment and financing business, who would review each Investment and Financing Analysis Report, ATIF ensure that each report is professional and authoritative, and shall provide compliance and reasonable solutions for problem solving.