SERVICES Listing Consulting Service
Listing Consulting Service
  • Pre-IPO:

    Corporate Restructuring    Business Model Optimization
    Risk Management System Establishing     Corporate Governance System Standardization

  • IPO:

    IPO Plan and Timeline    Contacting Third Parties
    Financing Plan Design    Management Training

  • Post-IPO:

    Public Corporate Governance    Market Value Management
    Investor Relations Counsel       Asset Reorganization and M&A

ATIF has professional teams, rich practical experience in listing consulting and international professional institutions as cooperators, such as auditing offices, lawyer offices, investment institutions, investment banks, transfer agents, IR institutions, etc., providing one-stop professional compliance services for companies and helping more high-quality enterprises enter international capital markets.
Service Process
  • Comprehensive Due Diligence

    Setting up a special group to make a comprehensive due diligence for the prospective enterprise customer

  • Determining the direction of listing

    Determining the securities market the most suitable for the enterprise through discussions based on the results of due diligence

  • Determining the way of listing

    Determining the best way of listing for the enterprise through discussions based on the results of due diligence

  • Optimization

    Designing company structure for listing, providing a comprehensive and feasible optimization scheme about the company’s business model, ownership structure and internal governance

  • Compliance services all the way

    Making overall arrangements, providing professional listing compliance services, cooperating with third parties, putting forward suggestions for legal financing, and training talents for the enterprise

  • Follow-up

    Continuing to provide professional compliance services such as public corporate governance, market value management, asset restructuring, IR and so on after listing successfully

Main Exchanges and methods for listing
Through a comprehensive due diligence and analysis, ATIF determines the direction and the way of listing according to the actual situation and the willingness of the enterprise.
Main ways to listing: DPO、IPO、RTO、ADR、M&A、SPAC, etc.